AFA's 2020 Read-a-thon

Instill a love for reading and art!

The annual Read-a-thon at Ad Fontes Academy is one way you can instill a love of learning in young children! Year after year in the Read-a-thon we have observed even reluctant readers--who’ve said they dislike reading--join their peers, exceed their own goals and become more confident readers!


With a little encouragement from teachers, classmates and especially supporters like YOU, it’s phenomenal what children can accomplish!

When you support this year’s Read-a-thon, you will not only promote a lifelong love of reading in young children, but you will also inspire them to become great artists!


All money raised will boost AFA's new Art Program.  With your donation, AFA will outfit the new art room and purchase needed art supplies, art reference books for classrooms, and more! 

Make a donation to AFA's 2020 Readathon!


Thank you!

(Please respond by February 16--the last day of the Read-a-thon!)